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Forever Natural is a community that champions the pursuit of fitness and well-being while pledging to abstain from recreational drugs and alcohol. Our holistic approach to health encourages members to make a lifelong commitment to clean living, unlocking their full potential through physical and mental strength.

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Jay has been a personal trainer since 2006 and has delivered impressive, natural results ever since. Jay is impassioned through exercise science and has a love for teaching and writing. He's written four books, has published peer-reviewed research and also taught an advanced personal training class at college. Jay has even developed a personal training certification to help trainers in the industry hone their craft.

Jay vehemently advocates being substance-free from recreational drugs and alcohol. He believes these substances have no place in a healthy lifestyle and can be harmful and detrimental, especially when abused. That said, the foundation of Jay's philosophy inside Forever Natural is rooted deep in this drug-free ideology.


"Our community takes a vow in being forever natural. Natural represents the avoidance and abstinence from recreational drugs (alcohol is part of this) and Forever represents your everlasting commitment from the moment you become part of our community.

This is a vow to become the best version of you with zero recreational substances in your life, while at the same time improving your health and body through exercise."

– Jay

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