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Current State of the Contest Prep World

Our contest prep is focused on natural, drug-free philosophy. None of our competitors use performance-enhancing drugs and in fact, all of our competitors cease the use of all recreational substances while they are part of Team Forever Natural.

The bodybuilding world as it stands currently is a circus that isn't rooted in reality, and very few in this realm stand against the prevalent drug use. Ironically, the abuse of drugs is the antithesis of what health represents, yet most coaches and fitness influencers don't speak out about it, or worse, they condone and glorify it. They glorify it simply by using bodybuilding drugs themselves (and push it on clients) and attempt to correlate their physique to well-being and health; this is a complete lie. Some are honest about their use, but most hide their drugged activities behind closed doors. Many even go so far as to claim they are natural, which is laughable.

The rampant drug use and its glorification in the world of health and fitness must be addressed. There needs to be a counter-strike against it and the delusional perception this fitness world has convinced others of. Even the fitness sympathizers who place pharmacological bodybuilders on pedestals get agitated when you call the bodybuilding bullshit out. I suppose they are more concerned about not judging others instead of promulgating what TRUE health and fitness are actually defined as. When did making assessments and having a rational discussion that calls health into question become a negative thing?  

The question stands: Why are we condoning, praising, and exalting those who abuse drugs in the fitness world? Why is this accepted as "health"?

Let me clarify that I'm not here to take anyone's freedom away and nor do I advocate for such. I cherish liberty above anything else. Without freedom, an individual is bereft of happiness, and therefore, autonomy is something I hold in high regard. But I will also fight against what I believe to be true and take a stand for what is right. Always. 

So this is the MAJOR difference between Team Forever Natural and other contest prep coaches/teams: We do NOT put you on bodybuilding drugs to get you stage ready AND we stand firm against these reckless practices. Sadly and unfortunately, our approach to contest prep is unique and when it comes to "health and fitness". We will always fight for what is right.

– Jay

The abuse of bodybuilding drugs and health will NEVER coexist.







After we get off the call, we will start the onboarding process. First, we send over the agreement via DocuSign. Once this is completed we then send you login details to all of our video modules. You will only need to watch these once, but inside we explain everything about our system and thoroughly teach you how to navigate and succeed in our program. They will always be there for you to reference back on.

After this is complete, you are paired with the right FN coach for YOU who will be there with you this entire way.



We won't take every woman who applies.

In fact, it's VERY important you meet our requirements. So be sure you understand everything below if you want to compete in a show

I understand that I need to be in relatively good health (internal and external) to participate in an intensive contest prep program with nutrition plans that allow me to optimally lose body fat, build strength and grow glutes.

I understand that in order for me to be successful I must be compliant with the process and program in its entirety. This means I can commit to around 6 - 10 hours per week to reach my goals and do what is required to do.

I understand that nutrition is a primary factor in changing my body. I will need to adhere to the macros given to me (or the meal plans) and be compliant with what my coach needs me to do on a week-to-week basis.

I understand this is NOT a quick prep like those who use performance-enhancing drugs and that I need the allotted time which is recommended to me to get stage ready, NATURALLY. But I'm okay with this because I NEED a lifestyle change and I really want to compete without cheating.

I understand that self-accountability is important. I know, of course, that my coach will hold me accountable and that is what I need. But I am committed, serious, and dedicated, and will hold myself to a high standard in this program and do what I'm told to do.

As long as I'm on Team Forever Natural, I am forbidden from using bodybuilding drugs such as steroids and cutting agents. I also agree to stop any and all substance vices, such as alcohol, marijuana, and any drugs that will negatively affect my health.

BUT HANG ON...........

There's one more thing we are looking for: Type-A personality women.

We want tough personality women who are strong-minded. The reality is this: women need a strong coach/mentor that can harness their potential and focus their energy. Therefore, we seek type-A women who will relinquish their control, do as they are told and allow us to guide them on this tough, but rewarding journey. 

Please do not apply for our contest prep if you are not a type-A woman.

BUT IF YOU ARE.........


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