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"I'm a mom, flight attendant, model, and fitness addict. But my fitness journey began February 2015. After three years of being a bit overweight after having my daughter, I finally decided it was time to get back in shape. But this time I discovered the difference weightlifting, and I mean lifting heavy, made. By October of 2015 I had gotten back down to my pre-pregnancy size and looked better, more fit, than before my pregnancy. I was addicted to weightlifting and loved the way my body responded to it. During this time I had been looking at fitness role models like Nicole Wilkins and other competitors. I loved the idea of being that fit, but knew I'd need a trainer to take me to the next level. Beginning of 2016 is when Jay Horn found me on IG and convinced me to come in for a consult. I was still working out every day, lifting heavy, and doing 20 minutes of interval cardio.  He still had me walking like a dog in boots for the first time for three days after my consult. So, of course I hired him! February 1, 2016, I started my training with Jay, becoming another Horn victim. Haha. I'm very fortunate Jay found me, as I had no idea that there were drug tested and non-tested organizations to compete in. With his training I've lost 10-15lbs (depending on competition week) and two more pant sizes. I've learned so much about healthy contest prep, diet maintenance, and how my body responds to the physical and nutritional aspects of training. I'm so proud of the accomplishments I've made in reaching my fitness goals 100% natural under his guidance. And we have more goals to smash! Go Team Forever Natural!" - Callie Taylor

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