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"Years ago, I used to look at fitness competitors in awe. I used to think to myself "I wish I could look like that", but never did I believe I would actually be competing myself one day.  A few years ago, I had mentioned wanting to get into shape to compete and showed my boyfriend at the time a pic of a girl I followed and admired. His response was "why would you ever want to do that?!" The relationship ended eventually.  I was depressed and sad and lost about 20lbs in an unhealthy way. I looked skinny and was not eating! Next thing you know,  I'm going out partying, drinking,  and my eating habits were horrible! I gained that weight back plus more! So here I am at 167lbs. I was going to the gym but not seeing many results. Then,  I started seeing transformation pictures that Jay had posted. I started training with him in August 2015 with the goal in mind to compete in my first show in April 2016. In December, I became involved in a very destructive and abusive relationship in which I allowed to impede on my fitness journey.  I quit training with Jay for about 6 months.  June 2016, I reconnected with Jay, reset my goals, and we set out to prep for the September 2016 Team USA/Sin City Classic show.  I competed in the Bikini division where I placed 2nd in novice and 3rd in open tall. My stage weight was 137lbs. I feel more confident than ever and am so proud of myself for overcoming the many obstacles that I faced throughout this journey. Jay is amazing, encouraging, and very knowledgeable in regards to what it takes to totally transform someone's body in a NATURAL way!" - Michelle King

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