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"I’ve always been very active with things like hiking, riding bikes, jumping on trampolines, swimming, running around and lifting things. I can’t ever seem to sit still. Cardio and endurance come easy to me. I started a strength training regimen when I was almost 30 years old and needed physical therapy for my lower back. I never had the guidance or a real reason to push through strength training day in and day out but the prescribed physical therapy exercises showed me how strength training could significantly improve my body. While working hard on these new exercises at a gym, I was asked if I wanted to compete in a physique show and I began learning about the shows. They weren’t exactly what I had expected since we wouldn’t be performing any exercises during competitions. But I still wanted to prepare for a show regardless of what it was because I wanted more motivation in the form of something to work toward. With the announcement of my fourth child, I put the show on hold but kept on strength training as much as I could, which wasn’t a whole lot. I met my current trainer, Jay Horn, a year later and started learning from him. Later, I began doing some half marathons and a marathon since the preparation for these events was quite minimal for me. I never had much motivation to train for these on my own. I simply ran them without any real physical changes or improvements to my diet. I wanted to become healthier and stay that way in the most efficient and effective way so I went back to Jay Horn, took his college course at CSN and began reading his books and learning from his training sessions about form, advanced training techniques and most importantly how to train hard with high intensity, which is apparently a skill. It took awhile for me to adhere to the diet. Now that the motivation of a physique show as well as support from my family and Jay’s Team to keep going has helped bring my body composition to a more optimal state, it’s easier to keep it there. I’ve learned some much needed discipline and tricks that work for myself. I’m glad that I did this slowly over time as I’m less likely to rebound. I’m very grateful for how everything has progressed over time. It’s a journey. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you keep progressing and learning. Keeping on trying will most likely include making the necessary mistakes that occur while learning and discovering. I learned that the body can handle and adapt to most anything but the mind is what gets in the way. I try to set myself up for success in advance rather than waiting around or hoping for it to happen. One needs a plan, goals and motivation. Fitness must be a high priority alongside our other highest priorities in order for it to “work out." - Kara Davis

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