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"Ever since I was in High School I’ve always had the desire to do a NATURAL fitness competition. I then got pregnant and gained a lot of weight. After a while I was convinced by Jay and my husband that doing a fitness competition as still attainable. I decided to train with Jay because I have seen his work over the years and the transformations honestly amaze me. The dedication and passion he has to help people reach their fitness goal is amazing! Jay is very straight forward and doesn’t sugar coat anything. That is what I needed. Jay helped me reach my fitness goal and I was able to compete in two NATURAL Bikini Competitions. I was able to say that me getting on that stage was done by hard work, dedication, determination and sacrifice! Without the help of any supplements! I lost a total of 75lbs when I stepped foot on that stage!! If you are thinking about training competitively (or even just training in general) Jay is the way to go! Follow his guidance and you WILL reach your goals!" - Jenessa Thornton

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