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"I am from Cuba and started to get fat when I was very young (6 years old).  That's when my mom put me in gymnastics.  But there my coach called me a "potato bag" because I was so fat.  After a while though, I lost the weight and I started to do some competitions.  After that I danced in different schools and learned different styles like ballet and Latin.  When I was 18 years old, I danced in the Best Cabaret in Cuba (name was Tropicana).  I never thought about diet until I was pregnant.  After my baby was born I was a few pounds heavier.  Before pregnancy, I was a size 3 and after I was a size 13.  Then one day I made the decision to come back and dance! And so I went back to the gym and lost a few pounds, but that wasn't enough for me because my dream was to have beautiful abs.  So I kept training and stayed diligent. After I got my abs and a little definition, I decided that I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition in 2014.  In that show I got 2 awards: 2nd place in bikini open and bikini diva.  However, my big dream was to have my pro card, and for that reason I competed one more time in another competition, but again I took 2nd place.  Needless to say, after that I was very sad and made a decision to not compete again. Though, after 2 years time, I met my coach Jay Horn and he took to me.  He made me believe in my dream one more time.  The training was hard and he was so patient with me (because I complain a lot), but he never changed his mind. He pushed me hard and because of that my body really changed!  And so I participated in another natural bodybuilding competition one more time and I won my pro card!  The most important thing that helped me is that I never felt like I was on a brutal diet, because he gave me a very good diet plan with a lot good things like milk, eggs and more and the results were incredible!" - Maria Campos

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