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Jay has been a personal trainer since 2006 and has delivered impressive, natural results ever since. Around 2013, Jay began entering his clients into drug-free bodybuilding shows. The Forever Natural team has won many pro cards and secured multiple team awards. Even though Jay trains fitness competitors, he also coaches anyone whose goals are to feel more confident and look better in their own skin.

The foundation of Jay's philosophy is rooted in being drug-free. Not subscribing to the use of bodybuilding drugs while achieving health and fitness is an important aspect of FN Fitness. It must be clearly understood that health and the abuse of bodybuilding drugs cannot coexist with each other; however, the core belief goes deeper than this...

Jay is a diehard advocate of being substance-free from recreational drugs and alcohol. He believes these substances have no place in a healthy lifestyle and can be potentially harmful and detrimental, especially when abused.


Jay loves exercise science and has a deep passion for teaching and writing. He's written four books and has also taught an advanced personal training class at a local college. Jay has even developed his own personal training certification to help trainers in the industry become better skilled at their craft. 

If your goal is to change your body and do so naturally and holistically, then Jay is the coach for you.

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